Twelfth Night

The play I chose to watch was The Twelfth Night performed by Polk State College in 2016. Overall, I was very impressed with the performance. What I enjoyed the most about this performance is the music. It added a nice touch to the play. The thing I did not enjoy was the wardrobe. They chose very strange pieces that did not match the time period of the play. This was inconsistent with the play though, because they still did the lines in Shakespeare’s language. The props were also still set in Shakespeare’s time. The acting in this performance was very good.  This play would be good to show in class since it is not a movie with professional actors but more similar to the performances we did throughout the semester.

Throughout the play, they broke out in song. It was a nice touch on a traditional Shakespeare play. They only sang six songs throughout the performance but the timing they chose was great. My favorite was when Malvolio broke out in a love song after drinking too much in scene two. The music added to the comedy.

The wardrobe was not very well thought out in my opinion. The men looked like pirates with eye patches and pirate hats and lots of striped pants. The women looked better in their dresses, they at least fit the time era of Shakespeare.  I understand the outfits not being perfect considering it was a college play.

However, I was very impressed with the props throughout the play. They were very high quality and very detailed. They did a great job with lighting effects that helped enhance the look of the props. The props stayed the same throughout the play so the curtains never closed about people were never changing them out which was nice because sometimes that can cause a distraction. The props looked so good that they could be used in a professional performance.

The acting was great throughout the play. The actors and actresses were very funny and that helped since this was a comedy. My favorite actresses were Olivia and Viola. They made the play with performance. They just had an excellent approach to the comedy. I enjoyed watching the actors and actresses.

I am very glad I watched this performance because it was a nice change from the performance I had watched earlier in the semester. I think that since it was not professionally done that it was more enjoyable. Some of the professionally done plays were very boring and dry but this performance was great. The singing was a great addition and the acting was very good.


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