Review of Richard III by The English Drama Festival, University of Bahrain 2016

The University of Bahrain’s performance of Richard III was fantastic. This was achieved through advanced communication skills, and the ability to express the emotions of the play. The actors and actresses all looked the part, while mentally submerging themselves into the time-period. In addition, the outfits worn did a great job show casing the types of outfits people would wear back in the Shakespearean age. My favorite actor was the man who played Richard III. His ability to convey the genius, as well as the manipulative nature of his character was very impressive. In addition to this, the transitions of the play were all executed in a crisp, uniform manner. The actors and actresses were always ready to enter when needed. There were not any issues of miscommunication, and I was very delighted to say the least.

In terms of individual scene performance, I was very impressed by the opening monologue by Richard III. His body language, along with pauses at precise times, did the monologue the justice that it deserves. I was hooked from the beginning, and the monologue was a big part of the appeal to this performance. Also, the lighting was very stimulating. The areas of importance on the stage seemed to always be illuminated. This illumination caught my eye multiple times, and furthered my engagement into the play. The pure darkness during times of Richard’s introspection, really elevated the level of emotions. It was clear that he was going through rough times, and was at a mental war within his own mind. I also enjoyed the sword fighting. The actors do a great job staying in character, and I felt as if they were truly out to kill each other. Also, the choreography of the battles was very creative, and blew my mind. Each strike of the blade resonated with the crowd, and the emotions elevated the experience for all.  I believe that the University of Bahrain deserves props for this play, and would advise all to go experience it.


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