How Insecure Can You Be?

First and fore most Othello is a soldier. Othello predicts that his success in love will be exactly like his success as a soldier. He woos Desdemona with tales of his extraordinary and dangerous battles, however; after the Turks drown, Othello is left with nothing to do. Now that he has no means of providing evidence of his manhood or honor, he begins to feel uneasy about how he should present himself in public settings. As the play goes further on Othello begins to have doubts about not only himself, but his wife as well, he believes that she is cheating on him. Desperate to cling to the security of his former identity of a mighty solider, his current identity as a lover crumbles. He begins to say goodbye to the wrong things. He ends up killing his wife and then himself because his jealously and insecurities got the best of him. He even tells himself that he is not killing her in cold blood, but to rid the world of a “whore”. He does this to make sure is reputation is clean. He was so preoccupied with trying to convince people, and possibly himself, that he was still a great military man that he lost sight of who he was trying to impress the most in the first place, his wife.


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