Hamlet & The World of Uncertainty

When analyzing Hamlet, it does not take one very long to conclude that there is a huge absence of certainty. There is a constant need for action to be taken in this specific piece of work, but one will never see Hamlet take any action; Hamlet is all bark and no bite. The reasoning behind this may be that Hamlet is so tortured by these uncertainties that it causes him to become inactive on his own wishes. He is so overwhelmed by all of the possible things that he should do that at one point it leads him to the thought of suicide. Stating in act three, scene one, “To die, to sleep. To sleep, perchance to dream—ay, there’s rub, for in that sleep of death what dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil, must give us pause.” (Act three, scene one). This thought is makes him anxious because of his fear that if there is a heaven or hell, that committing suicide will lead him to hell because most commonly is Christianity suicide is considered an atrocity.


Another important concept of Hamlet’s incapability to reach any type of certainty is when one analyzes the ghost appearances. This particular point of uncertainty is not hard for an individual to comprehend because most people would be hesitant about a ghost of any type because of the ambiguity surrounding a ghost; one can not tell where the ghost came from or what it’s real purpose is. It is especially hard for Hamlet to decipher his certainties because of all of the betrayal in this play. The ghost could be a trick put up by Polonius or other co conspirators to make Hamlet come off crazier than he already seems to be or it could a demonic spirit-tempting Hamlet to seek revenge just for the sake of being evil.


It safe for one to say that Hamlet is so uncertain and inactive in his actions because of his upbringing and always being betrayed but when I read this play I picture it quite differently. Personally, I believe Hamlet is a coward and his constant inability to take action is his greatest downfall. Everyone experiences uncertainties in everyday life, but it is always so important for one to try to decipher what is true for oneself and act on that feeling. In Hamlet, I see a young man who is terrified to stand up for what is his truth and what he believes in so he takes the easy way out by not doing anything. I believe that Hamlet spoke to his father’s ghost but again is too scared to seek revenge on his fathers behalf and this leads to his failure.


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