In The Merchant of Venice, the most interesting character was Shylock. Shylock surprised me in several different parts of the play. Once in particular was how Shylock responded to Jessica getting eloped. It seemed like he was more worried about the gold than the fact that his daughter was gone. This made me think that he was materialistic. Another way Shylock surprised me was his views on Christianity as well as Jewish people. Shylock believes that Christians and Jews share the same heritage. Shylock has been bullied in the past whether it be name calling and he had been spit on for being a Jew. He called Christians out on their believes of love and mercy, yet picking on Shylock for being Jew. I feel sorry for Shylock because it seems every scene he gets picked on by some person. However, it is hard for me to feel sorry for Shylock too much because he is quite rude. He does not treat his daughter well, nor his slaves. Shylock is a very big outsider. He distances himself from everyone, including his daughter. When the Christian merchant was unable to pay him back, he wanted him killed. In the end, though, Shylock loses everything. He is embarrassed in court, he is forced to become a Christian, and he loses much of his belongings. Shylock is a very difficult character to analyze because he is bullied so much, yet he bullies others as well.


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