In Midsummer Night’s Dream, there were many good characters, however, the one that stuck out to me the most way Hermia. Even though she did not have a big part in the play, she still left an impression on me. For starters, Hermia is a disobedient daughter. I, myself, am a disobedient daughter (not to the same degree). Hermia and her actions actually made me feel quite bad for some of the things I put my parents through when I was younger, which was surprising to me because more often than not I do not get attached or feel relatable to a Shakespeare character. Hermia is supposed to marry Demetrius, but is in love with Lysander. If my parents had arranged a marriage for me, it would not go over so well. Granted if I told them I was in love with someone else I do not see my father wanting me dead either. Hermia is willing to fight for love whether it be with her father or Helena, her close friend. She proves that love is worth fighting for. In the end, this kind of backfires on Hermia because leaves her. Hermia still prays for him thought before cursing him (which honestly is something I totally would do).


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