Midsummer Night

Out of all the plays that we have read so far in class A Midsummer Night’s Dream would have to be my least favorite thus far. I’m not entirely sure as to why this play is not as appealing to me as the others. Perhaps it’s because there are so many different things that are unfolding all at once during the play that I find it to be too much. I didn’t connect with the humor as much in this play either even though this play is supposed to be a comedy. As compared to Richard III that is not a comedy I still feel like there were many humorous moments and dialogue. Also, Helena’s character was so pathetic during a large majority of the play that it was actually a turn off to the play itself. Helena had no self-respect and is absolutely cringe-inducing during the spaniel scene between her and Demetrius. The fact that she would lower herself to that of a dog just because she is so desperate to win the affection of Demetrius again is rather disgusting. This behavior arose not just in this scene but numerous ones in which she interacted with Demetrius. She was so relentlessly aggressive with trying to win him back that it just leaves you sitting there barely being able to continue reading because your eyes are rolling into the back of your head so much from aggravation. I will admit that I did actually feel a little more sympathy for Helena when Puck had accidentally made Lysander and Demetrius both smitten for her. That was the first moment I felt bad because she actually felt like she was being made fun of by them and that they were just cruelly toying with her. The one redeeming part of this play that I did actually enjoy was at the very end when the guildsman finally performed their play in front of the Duke and his party. The play was such a train wreck and the fact that you get to hear the wise remarks from the audience making fun of the performance was wonderful. Just in that last scene was some of the funniest dialogue for me in the entire play. That once scene alone satisfied me more than the entire play as a whole.


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