The Taming of the Shrew

            Shakespeare takes a different approach to The Taming of the Shrew. Unlike most of his plays, this one is a comedy. The characters play a big role in the play. The character that stood out the most to me was Katherine. Throughout the play, Katherine is made out to be this crazy, hot-tempered girl but in the end, she shows a very vulnerable side.

In the beginning, Katherine is constantly making rude comments about different males. She is very jealous of how her father treats her sister and that might be a little bit of why she is so unhappy, but there could be many reasons why she is unhappy. She seems worried that she will never find a husband. She feels out of place in her society which might be a reason she acts out in anger.

When she first meets Petruchio she does not much care for him, which makes perfect since because he was not very polite. I also think she might have been playing hard to get. However, near the end of the play Katherine almost lets down her wall and starts to be okay with the idea of becoming a house wife. I’m not sure if it is because she does not have to worry about finding a husband that takes away her anxiety but that is what I got towards the end.

Shakespeare uses Katherine as a crazy, emotional, angry female who just seems unlovable in a way, that has shaped the perspective of females today. Females in today’s time are known to be the crazy ones in relationships. I really enjoyed this play. It was a nice change from his normal tragedies.


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