Shakespearean Acceptance of Buying Love

The treatment of women back in Shakespearean time can be seen as repulsive to the modern reader. The women are portrayed as simply being property, in which suitors have the right to their love. In the past, there use to be many trivial family rules concerning marriage. These rules still exist in the present, but women are not frowned upon as much as they would be in the past if they never married. Marriage was seen as a requirement for women, and if they failed to get wooed, then their entire legacy was worthless to their family. Nowadays, Women are not seen as complete failures if they do not marry, rather, the people respect the freewill of everyone. Also, the gap in power that men use to have over women is becoming smaller and smaller as time passes. There is a lot more equality pertaining to these important life decisions, and this is a powerful step in the right direction of humanity.

Moving into Taming of the Shrew, Petruchio embodies the stereotypical male who feels that he can woo any women he pleases because he is wealthy. Completely casting aside important aspects to love like compatibility and humor, Petruchio tries to woo Kate. Rejection is not an option for women that Petruchio approaches, and he does not respect any of their opinions. For example, one of the first things that Petruchio says to Kate is “Women are made to bear and so are you” (I. ii.149.). Immediately off the bat saying this, shows his unrivaled confidence and ego. In complete disbelief to Petruchio, Kate is not wooed by his tenacious calls to love, and lives up to her nickname as the shrew. This shocks him as he is very wealthy, and feels that any women would be lucky to have him.

In modern times, wealth is still a highly respected trait on the social hierarchy. Petruchio, due to his high position in the social hierarchy, treats everyone below him like trash. He feels that they are obligated to serve him, and fails to see that they are humans just the same as him. Nowadays, this can be seen within American businessmen. It is very common for the most successful businessmen to be very egotistical, and be able to fire anyone without breaking a sweat. These businessmen also attract gold diggers, who simply love them for their money. Kate although she was a shrew, possesses a sense of honor as she was not able to be wooed by money.


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