Taming of the Shrew

Taming of the Shrew is a classic tale of a young, independent women refusing to agree to marriage. This story has been made into many movies and other representations of the play. For example, 10 Things I Hate About You is a movie based off of the play. In the play and the movies, the young women, Katerina, refuses to change her though process too please the men in her life. Her strong will and independent mind, causes her to come across as aggressive and shrewish. When she is first introduced into the play, she comes off as extremely hostile. Slapping anyone who, in a way, disagrees with her or says something she might find insulting. The motif that I had chosen for the rest of the semester deals with beasts.

There are not any beasts in this play, however; the way the character’s act in this play is a good example of how someone could act beastly. The first obvious character would be young Katerina, her actions and mind set makes me think of her as a lion. She is very smart and quick with her words but when angered or tempted she becomes aggressing and dangerous, much like a lion. Petruchio, however; reminds me of a fox. He is very stealthy and sly with the way he courts Katharina. Almost tricking her into believing he could be a good fit for her, however we find out in the end that he is not. Petruchio starves her in order to make her become more submissive. Another character that reminds me of a beast would be Bianca. She reminds me of a cat. Bianca is too caught up in her own world to care about the feelings of others, much like a cat. She sort of pops up at weird times in the play just to wine about how badly she wishes her sister to be different. Lastly, Sly reminds me much of a sloth. His dumbness and slowness pair quite well in this play. Most of the time, sloth’s deaths occur when the animal miscalculates and grabs its own leg, thinking it is a tree branch. Making them fall to their death. I feel as if Sly would do this drunkenly, he would mistakenly believe he was a lord and end up getting himself killed. Taming of the Shrew is very good at representing the true inner beast.


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