A Female role in Shakespearian literature

In this piece of writing, one really gets into this type of Shakespeare’s comical style writing, but one may find it not so comical. It starts out with a drunken ravage of a man that is Christopher Sly. A lord comes across a drunken Sly and decides to take him home and when he wakes up he awakens to the lord’s servants dressed up and ready to perform a play. The lord further convinces Christopher that he has come to his senses after a long sickness. The play within the play is what one may become more drawn to as one continues to read into this writing and particularly a female’s role in this play. It begins with Lucentio seeing Baptista’s younger daughter Bianca and instantly falling in love with this women. Baptista wants to marry Bianca but Bianca has other suitors. This is where it gets interesting; Baptista will not let anyone marry Bianca until one will marry his eldest daughter, Katherina. Katherina, also know as “the shrew” has yet to be married, but why. Katherina is perceived as this aggressive individual whom no one will love because of this characteristic. At least that is the way one may interpret it from Shakespeare. I believe it is not because of her shrill personality, but because of this ancient and yet still modern notion that women are to be submissive to their husbands, and submissive in society in general. For example:

“Katherine, I charge thee tell these headstrong women what duty they do owe to their lords and husbands”


This furthermore proves that a women as perceived as insubordinate to her husband if she does not let the male in the relationship take the lead role of the two’s union of love. Eventually, if these women are told behave a certain way by a male dominance is the correct way; one can tell this because Katherina eventually falls suit to this notion and is in a sense “tamed”. This is interesting for one because this notion still exists in most modern societies; women are still do not have equal wages and are manipulated in media for being independent and strong.


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