Tone- Character Analysis of Richard III

Tone was a very important part of our discussion of the play Richard III that I performed. This play’s tone can be taken different ways. Richard’s character largely depends on how his character is interpreted. He can be taken very seductively, or even sarcastically. Richard’s role as a villain “I am determined to prove a villain” (1.1.1) plays a big part in the play’s tone, because of his wit and political moves. Shakespeare enjoys this character and how he interacts with the audience. I think it’s very interesting that the play changes dramatically depending on how one character assigns emphasis to words. It’s important to remember that regardless of emphasis, Richard is a villain. He was determined, and then he declared “I am a villain” (5.3.9). Richard’s character affects the tone because if he is portrayed sarcastically, it makes the tone more evil and cynical. If he is acting seductively, I think it helps the audience understand why Anne is wooed by Richard. The way Richard acts affects the play immensely I believe.


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