Richard III

In the play Richard III the characters were very important. Shakespeare used the specific characters to really bring his point across. Shakespeare uses a lot of suspicion to keep his audience intrigued. There were many important characters in the play who ended up dead. In today’s time it would be very unusual for the main character of a television show to die, especially if it was a very well liked character. (Grey’s Anatomy is an exception) In this play the character I found most interesting is Richard. I find Richard so interesting because his personality changes over the course of the play.
In the beginning of Richard III, Richard comes off as an outcast to others. He does not seem to fit in well. He does however form a strong relationship with the audience by informing us (the audience) what is going on in his mind. Richard seems to be very manipulative in the beginning as well. That changes however as the play goes on. Richard seems to become more and more popular as he climbs the social rankings. This power is not good for Richard though. He ends up killing his only friend, Buckingham. By the end of the play Richard is a completely different person than when the play started. He has killed a majority of his family and friends and the family and friends that are still alive at the end hate Richard.
Richard is a prime example of how Shakespeare uses his characters to form the plot and suspicion of his plays. Like most of the Shakespeare plays I have read this one is very unpredictable. I think one of the reasons Shakespeare’s work was so well liked was because of the suspicion behind the plays.


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