Richard III: A dissatisfied yet tenacious individual

Richard the Third is a very interesting read because one will find many motifs and themes such as the strength of the language; Richard III used his words as a vital source of weaponry by manipulating his surrounding individuals with his words. For example, Richard’s skills with interactive speaking with Lady Anne ended in him seducing the Lady, have Clarence is put in prison, blame the king for the death of Clarence, etc. There is also a supernatural aspect motif because it involves Margaret’s curses that later become prophecy, Clarence and Stanley’s dreams that foreshadow future events, etc. There is a certain aspect that really grabs one’s focus and that being Richard III and his barbaric actions. Richard III seems to be a man of no mercy, and very determined. For example, Richard seduces Lady Anne, put Clarence in imprisonment, blame the king for Clarence’s death, and execute Hasting’s all for a title and power. The question that one may propose is why did Richard go through with all of these horrendous actions? This is the question that I ask myself while reading this piece of writing. Personally, I find his actions to come from a dark place and sorrow and constant need for attention. He constantly feels inferior to others, especially his brother Edward, and he was born with a deformed spine giving him hunchback. Also, he has never obtained a true love life. This is why one may see Richard III as the “problem child”; his horrendous actions mentioned previously concern his parents and sibling. It is important to mention though, personally, I feel a bit of sympathy for this individual. To be more specific, this man was born with a deformity, and he had a brother that was looked upon as the “golden child”; this leads to the idea that Richard III always felt neglected by his parents and siblings because his brother Edward was always praised and even so much he became king. Someone who has never received any kind of attention in one’s own life will constantly search for this love and attention that is deserved, and this is exactly the case with Richard. This man is in constant search of attention and approval because he never received these commodities as a young man. This is why Richard’s actions continue because he is so fed up with how his life turned out and the man will do anything to prove that he was meant for greatness. Although things did not turn out according to Richard’s plan, this individual literally died trying and that is tenacity.


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