Sonnet 61

This sonnet was very relatable to me. This one is about sleep and the lack of it when thoughts keep you up at night.

“Is it thy will thy image should keep open

My heavy eyelids to the weary night?

Dost thou desire my slumbers should be broken,

While shadows, like to thee, do mock my sight?”

In this sonnet he is talking about someone either a friend or lover that keeps him up at night. This theme of sleep occurs in other sonnets either the lack of sleep, or envy of other poets whose muse may come to them in their sleep. Sleep takes people to another world, but thinking and worry about things, or in this case a friend, keeps us from escaping reality for a little while.

“It is my love that keeps mine eye awake;

Mine own true love that doth my rest defeat,”

Shakespeare even writes that it is his love that keeps him awake and does not allow him to sleep. The biggest thing that this sonnet, and the others about sleep, is that worrying is not going to help anything. If people allow those thoughts into their head at night they are depriving themselves of other worlds and inspirations.

– Maddie Poeta


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