Sonnet 144 & 145

Sonnet 144 is an interesting sonnet in that it has some type of love triangle relationship going on. One of the “loves” is a young man that is referenced as being an angel, and the other is the dark lady who is represented as being quite wicked. In the sonnet, the poet is concerned that the young man will eventually be seduced by the woman. He appears to be quite jealous at the fact that the woman is trying to take the young man away from him. You see this in line 6 when he states, “Tempteth my better angel from my side.” His main concern appears to be that he believes that the young man will be corrupted by the dark lady and that he is currently pure. Line 7 and 8 read “And would corrupt my saint to be a devil, Wooing his purity with her foul pride.” At the end of the sonnet, it appears that the poet is just speculating whether or not the young man and dark lady will have relations, and that he will most likely not know if they do or not. One of the aspects that I find interesting and slightly confusing is how the dark lady is originally referred to as one of his loves, but throughout the sonnet, he claims that she’s evil, a worser spirit, and bad angel. It’s bizarre that he claims that he has love for her yet views her in such a negative light. However, this could just be his jealousy and is it possible that this means that his love for the young man is stronger than his love for the dark lady. This ends up making sonnet 145 also odd in the fact that in this sonnet he seems recklessly in love with the dark lady. He talks about how whenever she let the words I hate leave her mouth that it made him extremely anxious at what she hated, fearing that it would be him. However, she ends up showing him mercy by adding that “I hate…not you.” Why would she all of a sudden take pity on him and show an act of kindness? Throughout the sonnets, she’s depicted as being cruel and uncaring, so this act of kindness seems as though it is out of character for her. It’s interesting the difference in tone aimed at the dark lady in sonnet 144 and 145. In the first, he appears as though he really doesn’t have feelings for her because he seems to have such a negative image about her. Whereas, in the later sonnet he seems so smitten and in love with her, which honestly makes it seem odd that this sonnet was the poem after 144 because it disturbs the flow. Suffice to say he certainly has a toxic relationship going on here.


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