The Early Sonnets

While reading the first couple of sonnets in the beginning, I began to notice and became
intrigued with the reoccurring theme of youth and reproduction in relation to young men. The way narrator insisted that the young man have a child was not what gained my attention, as it made sense seeing that men who were typically wealthy, looked for wives to pass their legacy to. It was more so that the narrator focused his attention so much on the male. It is probably due to the lack of knowledge of the time period, but from what I’ve seen in other media depicting that era, it was typically the young woman who was constantly pressured into getting married and giving the husband a child. So from my perspective it was interesting to see that role sort of being reversed. Another interesting theme I noticed was time. The speaker also seemed to be fairly obsessed with how much time the young man had left in his youth. He appeared concerned that the man had not yet had any children and it made question as to why he was concerning himself with the young man’s affairs so much. I began wanting to know, what his relationship is to the young man and what the speaker would possibly gain out of the young man’s child. After reading further however, I began to make some inferences as the sonnets began to incorporate money into the somewhat story that was created. Even though the sonnets were focused on a particular muse it was interesting to also think about the speaker’s character as well.

~Chanceya Stennis


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